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an old photo of gideon :)

Gideon's first exposure to Search Engine Optimisation was in 2006 whilst working on the marketing side of Carrier Ethernet.

First exposure quickly lead to deep fascination.

Turning his back on Carrier Ethernet (Carrier Ethernet carried on regardless) he joined a Web Development Company in Bristol run by Peter Swain.

After quietly running the SEO side of the company Gideon became a director. In June 2007 Apple inroduced the iPhone. Peter told Gideon he was going to buy him one - Gideon famously replied 'that's great, thank you, but I don't think it will change my life.'... within 6 months it had.

The Web Dev Company became one of the world's first iPhone App Development company; in 2009 the company had it's first global #1 app - BrĂ¼no... unfortunately, the app was a greater success than the movie! Further successes followed, the details of which still cannot be disclosed due to NDAs.

Gideon left the company in 2011 - it had grown to a point where other people were a) better at Apps and b) better at growing the company and Tao Marketing was incorporated in January 2012.

To this day it provides big company service and results at small business prices.

Ethos & Apporoach

Openess & Transparency

SEO has been masked in secrecy from the start, we believe that's wrong and isn't what clients pay for

We try to start our relationship with clients in an open, honest and free way - we provide a free report to any company who requests it. We look at structure, content, usibilty and a bunch of other stuff - when we've finished we add 10 suggested improvements for the company to consider; the company is free to implement as many of these it wishes to whether they become a client or not.

Clients Have Access to All

All Analytics interfaces; All Advertising interfaces, All Location interfaces, All Social Media interfactes... anything and everything is accessible to clients. And we're happy to explain any aspect of any part of it all!

Clients Own All Data

We do not own any data collected before, during or after we've worked on a website or app; companies sometimes overlook this aspect and some web companies and internet marketing companies consider such data to be their property and either refuse or are reluctant to hand it over when its requested. On request we provide as much data, in as usable form as possible, as quickly as possible.

Different Approach to SEO

Even if there was an imaginary safe where all the secrets are kept, by tomorrow half of them will be outdated and useless. The best kind of intelligence is to understand what your opponent will think tomorrow, not find out what he thought yesterday.

Many people in SEO only consider the secrets of yesterday (page titles, h1s, private blog networks, etc) or the industry's latest thoughts on RankBrain, latent dirichlet allocation, semantic search, etc.

Others put their faith in tools such as Moz, Majestic, SEMrush, etc.

Few focus on the extremely simple truth - Google want's to satisfy searchers; if your site satisfies searchers more than other sites Google will appreciate it.

We focus on understanding Google and other search engines; key is understanding - Google perceives itself as an engineering company.

Former KGB agent Andrei Bezrukov's comment sums up why we take a different path to SEO success.