Step 1 · you get in touch

Call or email – whatever’s easiest.

Step 2 · we investigate

We examine your website aiming to find 10 aspects for initial improvement; we prioritise the most important ones.

Step 3 · we report

We try to include background research and references so you can see the reasons behind suggestions.

Step 4 · we speak

We do our best to get the right level of geekery to you

Step 5 · you decide

Whether the Tao approach sounds like the basis of a sound plan; feel free to test us by implemeting some/all of the suggestions; if you want to give us access to your site we’ll even do them for you; for free.

Step 6 · you tell us

If you’d like a free month of the service we’re suggesting – zero obligation, zero cost.

Step 7 · you see

If you see a positive change in results.